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Top players who Jimmy has worked with:



1. Brandon Marshall (NFL Pro Bowler)

2. Marquice Cole (NFL Corner Back)

3. Antonie Lewis (Former Corner Back Purdue University)

4. Joe Windsor (Outside Linebacker Northern Illinois University)

5. Ed Coan (Legendary Powerlifter)


6. Kyle Prater (NFL Wide Reciever)


Imagine what life would be like if an expert, that works with Athletes, were to watch your form and tell you:

1. What you're doing right

2. What you're doing wrong

3. What muscles are tight

4. How you can stretch/strengthen certain muscles to fix muscular


Real people.Real results.

Aaron Carr.jpg

Aaron Carr, D1 Athlete

That summer we worked hard every morning, every day! He introduced me to new techniques, why and how they worked and most importantly expressed why I should be training that way as an athlete. As a 19-year-old kid I had thought I understood how to get bigger, faster and stronger but after a few weeks working with Jimmy's flexibility and empathy towards my situation really helped me to really trust him as a trainer.first college football season. I was in the process of taking a year off and transferring to another school. JimmyI realized that there's a right and wrong way to train. As long as I came ready to work Jimmy came with new and effective workouts! Long story short we were able to correct flaws in my running and lifting form, increase my explosiveness and conditioning and improve my pursuit/coverage skills as a defensive player.When I finally got to workout with the team at NCAA D-1 Eastern Illinois University I posted top 3 marks in every test for linebackers and even put up the highest bench press on the team!I still base my training techniques around Jimmy's tactics and if I ever need to clarify something he's always been there ready and willing to help out! Outstanding trainer and great friend!

Marquice Cole, NFL Athlete

I've known Jimmy Since the 4th grade and he was ALWAYS one of the hardest workers in any and everything we did! Being a professional football player, I've been around the country and learned from some of the greatest people in the industry and hands down whenever I have a question on anything with training or nutrition the FIRST person I contact is Jimmy. He's an ever-growing source of knowledge and I'm glad he's only a phone call or text away. I'm grateful for our relationship and proud to call him a Brother!


Damin Altizer, Former D1  player. Current Pro trainer

As a former D1 basketball player and NBA Skills trainer my body is my livelihood. I reached out to Jimmy for that reason, I wanted someone who'd been through it themselves and was now a professional in maximizing individual's athleticism while adding longevity and preventing injuries.The results were dramatic.I was able to add 10 pounds of muscle while adding inches to my vertical and regaining explosiveness I hadn't had since my ACC days. Jimmy's a pro at what he does and the results speak for themselves, I highly recommend him"

Eric Metoyer, Ohio State Track Star

Jimmy is a fantastic trainer/coach who really understands the physiology of the human body and how to optimize performance. He has helped me "fine tune" my diet so I can attack my practices and competitions with the intensity needed to compete with the best in the world. In a sport where every inch, every millisecond, and every rep determines whether you win a gold medal or not even placing; it is necessary for me to train and recover to the greatest of my ability which Jimmy has mentored me on. Jimmy has also helped me fine tune my diest so I can attack my practices and competitions with intensity needed to compete with the best in the world.